Personnel politics

JSC “NIPII“ KazAeroProject ”has come a long way of formation and development. For over 45 years he has been involved in the design and making decisions affecting the safety and successful operation of aerodromes.

JAV "Kazaeroproject" today is a team of professionals and like-minded people. Professionalism is the main competitive advantage of our employees. It is important for us that employees, regardless of category, have the opportunity and receive advanced knowledge.

This is the most important part of the corporate culture you create. We build a personnel policy based on taking into account the factors that affect the employee's motivation, leading to the most complete disclosure of potential. The main value of our organization is its EMPLOYEES. And the creation of the necessary working conditions and the provision of development opportunities is the priority of the HR Policy of the organization.


Personnel policy is aimed at forming a team of professionals, like-minded people who are able to effectively solve the assigned production tasks.

We believe that:

  • The main value of the organization is its employees.
  • Professionalism, conscientiousness, initiative, responsibility for the result are the main competitive advantages of our staff.
  • The strength of the team lies in the strength of each team member.
  • The guarantee of the success of our team is partnership and cooperation.

Principles of our work:

  • Respect for the personality of the employee;
  • Creation of the necessary working conditions and provision of development opportunities for each employee;
  • Formation and development of professionalism through training and personnel development;
  • Open and constructive discussion of problems and reasoned decision making;
  • Decent assessment of labor efficiency and the contribution of each employee to the common cause.

The main components of the personnel policy are:

  • Recruitment system based on the search for successful and professional people interested in interesting work;
  • An internal communication system based on corporate culture, creating conditions for free and timely exchange of information and knowledge, building a system for broadcasting goals and monitoring the achievement of goals - “employees know and share the goals and values ​​of the organization”;
  • Personnel training and development system, which creates the necessary conditions for personnel training, planning of personnel potential and formation of a personnel reserve.
  • A motivation system that creates a clear connection between remuneration and the value of a position for the organization with the performance of each person and his contribution to the common cause, providing personnel with a package of social guarantees and benefits;
  • A personnel assessment system based on clear criteria for assessing the competencies of employees and creating an opportunity for employees to achieve strategic goals through the realization of their potential and solving the serious problems facing them.

The number of employees of JSC NIPII KazAeroProject is 82 people, including: administrative and managerial personnel - 20 people, engineering and technical personnel - 62 people. The team includes 2 holders of the title "Honored Architect", 2 holders of the title "Honorary Builder" and the owner of the title "Honorary Aviator".