Activities and principles of the company

JSC NIPII KazAeroProject has come a long way of formation and development. For over 45 years he has been involved in the design and decision-making that affects the safety and successful operation of aerodromes.

As a leading design institute in the field of improving the ground base of civil aviation, NIPII KazAeroProject JSC carries out administrative, industrial, social, auxiliary and special projects for many ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Defense and the Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In cooperation with Russian specialized enterprises, the Institute of JSC “NIPII“ KazAeroProject ”participated in the program of creating a space rocket complex“ Baiterek ”at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Over the years of its activity, the Institute has developed more than 2000 projects of varying technical complexity in more than 190 cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan. JSC "NIPII" KazAeroProject "is involved in the implementation of the project for the implementation in the civil aviation of Kazakhstan of the World Geodetic Coordinate System - 1984 (WGS-84) adopted as a single reference system in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The design activities of the RSE "Kazaeroproject" are certified for compliance with the requirements of the quality management system ST RK ISO 9001-2009. Institute "Kazaeroproject" is a member of the Association "Airport" of civil aviation of the CIS countries and the Union of Engineering Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The most significant projects are international airports in Ashgabat, Tashkent, Karaganda, complex reconstruction of the airports in Astana and Aktobe, Kokshetau with the construction of new international passenger terminals, aircraft service facilities - KDP buildings, aircraft hangars in Astana, hangar complex in Almaty, CinemaCity cinema, 29 and 16-storey buildings in Astana, military sectors in Astana and Shymkent. Our specialists, together with their Japanese colleagues, designed the passenger terminal, the control room building and a number of facilities in Astana. We worked with French specialists on the project of a new terminal at the Astana airport. And each time they confirmed the high level of their professionalism.

JSC "NIPII" KazAeroProject "has a category I license allowing to design objects of a high level of responsibility:

  • participates in the development of feasibility studies, calculations for the construction of large and complex enterprises and structures, in the preparation of design assignments, selection of a construction site, determination of the volumes, stages and cost of design and survey work;
  • prepares the initial data necessary for the design, materials of the performed surveys and measurements
  • existing buildings and structures;
  • develops project documentation defining the scope of construction and installation work, composition and quantity
  • equipment, products and materials;
  • makes an estimate of the cost of construction;
  • participates in the acceptance into operation of construction objects with the conduct of field supervision;
  • carries out research work and participates in the development of normative, technical documents, normative legal acts regulating the activities of civil aviation;
  • provides expert services in the field of civil aviation;
  • participates in the technical inspection of civil aviation facilities;

Today the team of the company is made up of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the design of civilian industrial and military facilities.

At the same time, the desire of the department employees is aimed at achieving:

  • optimality of design solutions;
  • expressiveness of objects;
  • compliance with ICAO international standards;
  • reducing design time;
  • application of new technologies and materials;
  • cost optimization and high quality projects.

In modern conditions, not a single object can be designed, built (reconstructed) and put into operation without reliable and complete engineering and geological studies, which are carried out by highly qualified specialists at NIPII KazAeroProject JSC, the characteristics of the physical and mechanical properties of soils are determined in the soil science laboratory for calculating the foundations of foundations, the chemical composition of soils and groundwater, the corrosiveness of soils in relation to non-ferrous metals, and other data. Our company has accumulated significant experience and deep knowledge in the design of all engineering systems - heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage. All technical and design work is carried out using modern computer programs that allow you to quickly calculate and select the optimal options for the product required by the customer. We have reliable contacts with suppliers of the best domestic and world manufacturers of the latest equipment and at affordable prices. The result of all the difficult painstaking work of the entire team of NIPII KazAeroProject JSC on the preparation of the next project depends on the professionalism, clarity and efficiency of the employees.

All projects of JSC "NIPII" KazAeroProject "receive only positive conclusions from the RSE" Gosexpertiza of Projects ".